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David McCready

After graduating from the RNCM in 2000, I made my way down to London, following a girl I had met in Manchester, we moved in together in the Docklands. That situation did not last long as I really strullged to find my place in London, I nievely thought it would be simple to find work using my skill and passion for music, it wasn’t!

I found myself in a sales job for a classical and jazz music publishing company, after a few years of struggling to find my place, I left a secure job as a sales director for an events company to start up on my own, a lot has happened in that relatively short time;  Consulting for various starts-ups, a few failed ventures of my own, got married, had a little girl, lots of gaps where I wasn’t earning anything – One medium success behind me that has meant a couple of small investments to now launching this.

I like to shout about great experiences I have had both personal and business-related.

I like to have an opinion – not everyone will always agree with it but at least I have one and I am willing to share it, please be nice, I will always be.

I hope you enjoy the content and please do let me know what you think.

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