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Dissecting the lives, careers, processes and learnings from some of the most inspiring and creative minds so that we may inspire the next wave. 

Inside all of us is an amazing story. By the time we get to adulthood, most of us have lost that capacity to be creative, as we are quite simply educated out of it and it is going on right now with our own children. 

Through social media we tend to only see the destination, not the journey, in my experience and based on my research and reading, the best entrepreneurs and creative geniuses came from some of the most troubled and diverse backgrounds. 

As Sir Ken Robinson said in his famous TED talk  “We are educating people out of their creative capacities because all through education and life we stigmatise mistakes” 

Picasso “All children are born artists, the challenge is to remain artists as we grow up” 

Suddenly, as we all know now, Degrees are worth nothing or next to nothing. Intelligence is Diverse, Dynamic, Distinct. 

I was badly bullied all through my school years, the worst of which was at a top boarding school that prided itself in its educational prowess. I was bullied by the academic students because I was allowed not to take certain core subjects as a result of my music scholarship – as a result I only stayed there 2 years and left early to go to a further education college, where I spent most of my time skiving off to play snooker with people that were nice to me – my first taste of it for quite a few years. On the side I did my A level music at a school up the road – I got an A without even putting much effort in. I then went and did a degree at one of the most prestigious music colleges in the UK – RNCM. If I was being honest with myself about my time there…..

I spent more time chasing ego-boosting things, girls, and friendships. 

I have been inspired to start this project and get back on the horse in many respects as a result of reading about the journeys of some amazing people who can have come through in some cases much worse than I, I want to share some of those stories and others who are doing or trying to do awesome things so we and our children can start their own amazing story, and can go out and change the world. 

We spend most of our time going to work, although for most of us the things that get us emotional, bring back memories or inspire us are an amazing piece of music, a film, a book, a building, or creating a business and doing something every day that we actually enjoy. 

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